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Ditching the Commute: New ARC Survey Shows Big Rise in Teleworkers

By Paul Donsky

How’s this for a commute? A short walk from the bedroom to the home office or kitchen table.

This is becoming commonplace, as more and more metro Atlanta residents are working at least some of the time at home.

That’s according to the latest Regional Commuter Survey from the Atlanta Regional Commission, which found that 41% of the region’s commuters teleworked at least occasionally – up from 22% in 2007, the survey’s first year.

In raw numbers, that means nearly 1.2 million people are teleworking at least occasionally, with more than 600,000 teleworking at least once a week.

And the demand is sky-high: A whopping 80% of those who don’t telework said they’d want to if their workplace offered a formal program.

The survey, which is statistically valid, is full of these kind of nuggets. The data is used by regional transportation planners as well as the folks at ARC who manage the Georgia Commute Options program, which works to encourage people who drive alone to switch to a commute alternative like transit, carpooling, or teleworking.

Read on for more highlights from the survey


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