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Families First and CORE of Georgia Work Together for a Healthy and Resilient Future

The month of August is National Immunization Awareness Month and Families First is encouraging all Atlanta families to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. Families First recently partnered with the  Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) of Georgia to provide free vaccines to families at its Back-to-School BASH. 

To help achieve the goal of a vaccinated and healthy state, CORE has partnered with the Georgia Department of Public Health and Curogram and community partners like Families First to provide free COVID-19 vaccines across the state including mobile units to reach the entire state of Georgia. 

To combat misinformation surrounding effects of the vaccine, CORE Georgia’s website  answers questions relating to incorrect information circulating about the vaccine. 

For example:


  • No. COVID vaccines do not change or interact with your DNA in any way. 


  • Scientists began work on COVID vaccines in January 2020. With advances in scientific research and increased funding, the vaccines were developed and evaluated in tens of thousands of participants.
  • The vaccines met the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) rigorous scientific standards for safety, effectiveness, and manufacturing quality needed to support emergency use authorization (EUA).
  • Vaccines have undergone and will continue to undergo the most intensive safety monitoring in U.S. history. This monitoring includes using both established and new safety monitoring systems to make sure that COVID vaccines are safe.

According to the Washington Post, 57% of the total U.S. population has been vaccinated by at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine while 49% are fully vaccinated. Unfortunately, Georgia has a lower percentage in both areas. For Georgia, 49% of people have at least one dose while only 40% of Georgians are fully vaccinated. 

The 7-day average for new COVID-19 cases in Georgia is also spiking to levels not seen in the state since January of this year. In information obtained from the New York Times, the 7-day average of new cases was highest in Georgia when it reached 9,694 in January. However, Georgia’s current 7-day new case average of 6,905 is over 3,500 higher than the highest 7-day new case average rates from all of the months of March through July of this year. 

With these spiking 7-day average new case numbers it is imperative that Georgians get the COVID-19 vaccine not only for their own health but also for those who are unable to get the vaccine and rely upon the rest of us to engage in health-conscious practices. Especially now as the delta variant caseload grows exponentially by the day and total COVID-19 cases surpass the 1.25 million mark.    

CORE Georgia’s website provides robust  information about COVID-19 itself as well as its vaccine. Information included on the website is a section that focuses on answering frequently asked questions regarding the safety, effectiveness, as well as the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine. If you are unsure of how or where you can get the vaccine or have any further questions about COVID-19, visit CORE Georgia at: https://www.coreresponse.org/covid-19/atlanta-ga#learn


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