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Finding the Flint Documentary

By: Stacy Funderburke

Finding the Flint is an ambitious initiative to restore Georgia’s Flint River near its headwaters at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world’s busiest airport, and connect headwaters communities and a variety of partners and funders to larger landscape scale conservation downstream. Our Finding the Flint Coordinator, Hannah Palmer, is an incredible champion for Finding the Flint and the communities surrounding the river.  Through her tireless efforts and the leadership of The Conservation Fund, we are putting the Flint River back on the map and creating an innovative model to conserve one of Georgia’s most important rivers.

“Making Finding the Flint a reality will require a coalition of partners, and the good news is that’s how it started. We have to continue building out that coalition—with neighborhoods, community organizations, corporate partners and funders—for restoration to happen upstream and for large landscape protection to happen downstream. I know it’s possible.”

—Stacy Funderburke, The Conservation Fund  


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  1. Greg Allen Hodges November 5, 2021 7:07 pm

    There are some of us who have known for many years that the Flint “started” in a field right beside Willingham Drive in the City of East Point .. No big news to me, but glad it is being publicized. .This area was once behind the old Tri City Plaza…once a major shopping locale on the southside of Atlanta. (We’d get my new Keds there at Thom McCann shoes…… LONG ago.) Today the property is part of the ever expanding Woodward Academy
    And yes, the Flint…pretty much still a creek….is for the most part routed through…and under…the airport via culverts and concrete pipes. Cheers.Report


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