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Poverty & Equity Thought Leadership

Generational poverty can be alleviated in our lifetime

At TechBridge, this idea drives our work. All our products, services, and programs reflect our vision of creating predictable pathways out of poverty. There are many nonprofits out there doing incredible work but not operating in the most efficient and effective way. That’s where we come in. TechBridge provides the technology systems and platforms that streamline, connect, and compound nonprofits’ work, reach, and impact. Technology is the deciding factor when evaluating a company’s success and potential; this is no different with nonprofits. The work of nonprofits helps countless people on their path from survival to stability to success, and we get to facilitate and grow that impact.

But why do we focus on generational poverty? We have seen the impact that our work has had, not just on the individuals we work with, but on their entire family – both present and future. One of the clearest pictures we have of this generational impact can be seen through our efforts in our Workforce Development pillar. Our Technology Career Program (TCP) is one of TechBridge’s most popular and successful offerings. TCP participants, after graduating from our no-cost technology skills certification and career skills courses, are set on a trajectory toward greater job security, higher pay, increased soft skills, and more confidence in the professional technology sector. Not only does this empower our participants, but it also encourages and inspires those  in their communities. With each student, we are working to close the digital equity gap.

Our TCP team, along with our employer partners (Including Accenture, Kloves, Inc., Graphic Packaging, Wellstar, and Anthem), works tirelessly to host meaningful and relevant certification courses that equip participants with high-demand tech certifications and critical soft skills to ensure that they are prepared for their new careers in tech. We are deeply proud of each of our graduates and celebrate their accomplishments at the end of each cohort with a graduation ceremony. We have programs for adult learners and youth alike, which we hope will encourage more families to get involved in the growing tech industry.

Whether you’d like to apply for one of our cohorts, become a hiring partner, offer your career expertise as a guest speaker, resume reviewer, or mock interviewer, or simply learn more about TechBridge’s efforts and offerings in Workforce Development, please visit our website for more information: https://www.techbridge.org/what-we-do/workforce-development/. 

Generational poverty can be alleviated in our lifetime, and if we have anything to say about it, it will be.



TechBridge is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that equips other nonprofits on the frontline of alleviating the causes of generational poverty with technology. TechBridge supports these nonprofits in expanding the impact of their mission for the millions of men, women, and children who are seeking aid in the areas of hunger relief, homeless support, social justice, and workforce development.

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