Goodwill, in partnership with Accenture, is launching a groundbreaking relevant workforce training program for the most in-demand, entry-level, clean energy jobs. The Goodwill Clean Tech Accelerator™ will teach employability and technical skills for jobs involving solar and storage, electric vehicle charging, heat pumps and energy efficiency. 

Goodwill and Accenture announced the initiative at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Talent Forward event. The Goodwill Clean Tech Accelerator aims to fill a critical talent gap by providing people with the relevant skills and certifications required for these in-demand jobs. This program offers opportunities for higher wages and better career advancement. 

Goodwill will run the program, proactively targeting under and unemployed individuals. Participants in the program will be paid as they learn through intensive, hands-on, competency-based training and tailored employment readiness and career placement services. 

The Goodwill Clean Tech Accelerator is set to launch next year in four locations: Atlanta, Houston, Nashville, and Detroit. The program aims to train 7,000 job seekers in 20 cities in the next seven years. 

“As our labor market transitions, we see important opportunities for people to move into more promising, better paying roles.  It is essential that we provide the training and other support needed to help people capture these opportunities,” said Steve Preston, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International. “The Goodwill Clean Tech Accelerator will open doors for people in an expanding industry and provide support to employers who are helping us transition to a more sustainable world.”

This program is expected to unlock new talent needed for the energy transition, while diversifying clean energy’s workforce and putting job seekers on pathways to thriving careers. According to a recent study, nearly 40% of advanced energy jobs – specifically the ones targeted by the Goodwill Clean Tech Accelerator – do not require college degrees and pay more than the national median salary. 

“The clean energy transition is demanding new sources of talent who understand clean tech and can apply that knowledge to achieve decarbonization,” said Manish Sharma, CEO of Accenture North America. “Through the Goodwill Clean Tech Accelerator, we’re proud to unlock skilling opportunities that are accessible to everyone, benefitting workers, industry, and our local communities.”

Goodwill and Accenture co-designed the program with the help of leading clean energy organizations, GRID Alternatives, ChargerHelp!, and BlocPower, who contribute curriculum and training model expertise for the program. Additional partners and investors will be joining as the initiative is scaled.

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