At Goodwill of North Georgia, we celebrate our nation’s declaration of freedom on July 4th. As part of that celebration, we recognize that financial independence and job security also means freedom to many. That’s why our mission to put people to work is our guiding principle and our commitment to our neighbors in north Georgia.

Goodwill helps jobseekers, no matter where they are on their path to financial freedom. The A, B, C’s of “A job, a Better job or a Career” speaks to Goodwill’s focus on transitioning jobseekers into living wage jobs and careers. For example, in just the last three months, Goodwill has helped connect more than 2,900 people with jobs, 81% being living wage positions. These jobs have a transformative impact on people’s lives, providing them with opportunities that may have previously felt unattainable. Jobs that offer living wages allow people to live on their terms, as demonstrated by Antonious.

Antonious Powell used to run his own mobile car wash business, but due to the unpredictability of the weather and the number of customers, he decided to switch to a more stable career. However, having been out of school for a while, he was unsure how to acquire the education and training needed for a new career that would provide financial security.

Antonious learned about Goodwill’s skills training programs from a friend. Curious, he attended an information session at his local Goodwill Career Center in Oakwood. During the session, Antonious discovered Goodwill’s welding skills training program and decided to apply, as he already had experience in welding.

Despite not having been in a school environment for a while, the co-enrollment program between Goodwill and Lanier Technical College, coupled with thorough case management support, enabled him to succeed. Antonious gained employment four days after graduating from the six-week welding program. He now works building car haulers at Cottrell Trailers in Gainesville, Georgia.

 “I am so thankful for Goodwill, as they really helped guide me into a new career,” Antonious says. “Working with Goodwill was a wonderful experience, and I recommend this program for anyone looking to take that leap of faith to better their life!” Goodwill is proud of Antonious for the steps he has taken on his own personal ABC journey: A first job, Better Job, and Career.

Antonious demonstrates that, like America’s fight for freedom, achieving financial independence is a battle. Goodwill of North Georgia will continue to equip those who need help with the proper tools to fight and achieve financial freedom. Goodwill of North Georgia’s 14 career centers continue actively assisting jobseekers by providing no-cost job training, placement, case management, work support, and paid internships.

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