On August 3, Goodwill of North Georgia and First Step Staffing (FSS) announced their new joint venture at the Old National Career Center. The venture, First Step Staffing powered by Goodwill, will offer job training and life services to underrepresented individuals in the workforce. 

The primary focus will be on prioritizing equity and inclusion while assisting people facing economic barriers, such as individuals who are unhoused, individuals involved with the criminal justice system, people living with disabilities, young individuals who are currently not engaged in either education or employment, and veterans. This joint venture will cater to a select group of employers and the South Fulton Chamber of Commerce.

First Step Staffing is the largest non-profit staffing agency in the country, while Goodwill of North Georgia is the number one Goodwill in the country for employment and job training services. These organizations aim to provide job training services to individuals who need assistance finding employment. The joint venture will allow the organizations to offer staffing and training combinations, which is a rarity in the industry. 

All revenue generated by First Step Staffing, powered by Goodwill® placements goes back to Goodwill to directly support free job training and career services for the local community.

Keith Parker, president and CEO of Goodwill of North Georgia, said that partnerships are crucial to success. He expressed his excitement over the collaboration with First Step Staffing and the excellent work they will do together. 

Last year, Goodwill of North Georgia helped more than 22,000 people find jobs. 

Similarly, Amelia Nickerson, CEO of First Step Staffing, said their efforts help more than 8,000 people every year find employment. She is confident that this new partnership with Goodwill will enable them to provide employers with the most prepared and quality-trained workforce.

This partnership is expected to expand the pool of talent offered through FSS, as well as lead to higher wages and improved access to permanent employment for the people both organizations collectively serve. Goodwill will be able to up-skill existing FSS clients by providing additional certification programs, leading to an increase in pay by up to 20-30%. 
For more information, please visit www.Goodwillng.org/first-step. Employers who want to partner with FSS & Goodwill to hire staff or fulfill temporary positions can email goodwill@firststepstaffing.com or call toll-free 844-344-9675.

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