The most recent jobs report from the Bureau of Labor statistics reveals interesting disparities in the continued job market recovery following the pandemic. While the overall unemployment rate continues to hold steady around 3.6%, it does show that Black American workers are seeing a decline in employment levels. 

The report reveals that there were 300,000 new cases of unemployment during the spring, with a notable 267,000 being Black workers. While Black American unemployment had been going down, dropping to an historical low of 4.7% in April, the last two months have seen a steady increase. The unemployment rate for Black workers in June increased dramatically to 6.4%. — double that of White Americans. 

Zip Recruiter Inc. states that Black workers are often the first to lose their jobs when the demand for labor decreases. A 2020 Washington Post-Ipsos poll found that Black and Hispanic employees were more likely to be laid off than their white counterparts. Layoffs disproportionately impact Black workers and will only exacerbate the existing racial disparities.

According to Federal Reserve Economic Data, in Georgia, the unemployment rate for Black workers is higher than the overall rate. This has been historically true, indicating long-standing disparities and inequalities between Black workers and the national average.

Goodwill of North Georgia is dedicated to its mission of connecting job seekers with employment despite economic fluctuations. We are the leading Goodwill organization that supports Black American job seekers. Our 14 career centers offer various resources such as job search assistance, help with resume and cover letter writing, access to employment opportunities, skills training, and more. We are committed to helping those who have lost their jobs to get back on their feet.

Akin Odebiyi was laid off from his sales job in transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic. He spent two years tirelessly searching for a new job. One day, while browsing Google, he discovered information about a job fair hosted by Goodwill’s Stockbridge Career Center. After speaking with a career coach it became clear that his skills and interests would make him an excellent fit for the technology career program. After completing the program, Akin was offered a job as a technical consultant with ServiceNow.

Ponchellis Jackson was laid off from his job in chemistry due to the pandemic, which made him realize that it was time to pursue a new career. He decided to explore technology careers and found the Goodwill technology career program. After completing the program, Ponchellis received a job offer as a Microsoft 365 Specialist through the TechBridge and Microsoft Partnership.

Goodwill of North Georgia is here to support north Georgians on their journey to find “A job, a Better job or a Career” and support jobseekers no matter where they are on their employment journey.

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