Goodwill of North Georgia recently received a $200,000 grant from the Truist Foundation to support its GoodBiz Program. The Truist Foundation collaborates with non-profit organizations that offer opportunities for wealth-building to historically excluded communities, aiming to address systemic inequality and create better life prospects.

The GoodBiz Program, offered by Goodwill of North Georgia, is a 12-15 week course that equips participants with the skills and knowledge required for self-employment. The program provides access to technical assistance, workshops, seminars, a dedicated business coach, and comprehensive business plan development. Participants come from various catering, childcare, and janitorial services industries and learn about marketing, intellectual property, networking, financial literacy, and management. The GoodBiz Program has enabled 609 business feasibility studies, 135 new businesses started, and the creation of 423 jobs.

The GoodBiz Program by Goodwill has been an essential resource for several entrepreneurs, including Wesley Chenoweth and Deju Green.

Wesley, an alumnus of the GoodBiz Program, enhanced his company Grizzly Delivery, LLC, with the program’s help. Grizzly Delivery, LLC, is a passenger transportation, courier delivery, and logistics company located in Athens, Georgia. He enrolled in 2019 and credits the program for creating a supportive and safe space to learn, make mistakes, and grow. Grizzly Delivery, LLC was awarded the 2020 Micro-Business of the Year award, recognizing its achievements.

Deju is the CEO and owner of Edge Tutoring. The company focuses on giving back to the community by directly supporting individuals. She expressed her gratitude towards the program for providing valuable information that helped her grow her company.

“I’m so thankful for Goodwill’s Goodbiz Program,” Green stated. “I learned valuable information that provided me with the skills needed to create a company that is giving back to individuals in our community.”

Program graduates also have the opportunity to compete for a cash prize at the Battle of the Biz Gala, Goodwill of North Georgia’s annual fundraising event. 

At the 2022 Gala, Deju won the $10,000 grand prize to further grown and enhance her business. 
Visit for more information about the Truist Foundation and for more information about the GoodBiz Program. Tickets and sponsorship opportunities are also currently available at for the 2023 Battle of the BIZ! gala.

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