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Helping Men Who Struggle with Life Controlling Issues Gain Spiritual Growth and Total Healing

Intro by John Ahmann, President & CEO, Westside Future Fund

This week’s column is written by John Barrow, Founder of A Better Way Ministries. I met John via his attendance at the Transform Westside Summits. John has a powerful personal story of redemption and service. You can read about it in his book: A Better Way. Some months ago, John took me on a personal tour of A Better Way Ministries, Inc. in Fayette County, and to see its life changing impact for the men that they serve – many of whom society had given up on – was both inspiring and humbling. John is a living example of compassionate-based leadership and he is looking to expand A Better Way Ministries, Inc. to Atlanta’s Westside. At the June 7th Summit, John provided an inspirational message of faith and perseverance as our devotional speaker. If you missed it, John’s remarks along with a great presentation by Atlanta Technical College President, Dr. Victoria Seals are available on our Facebook livestream. Be sure to register for our next Summit on July 19th with the At-Promise Center.

Helping Men Who Struggle with Life Controlling Issues Gain Spiritual Growth and Total Healing

John Barrow

By John Barrow, Founder, A Better Way Ministries

A Better Way Ministries is a non-profit organization that helps men who struggle with life controlling issues, mainly substance abuse. The program offers an 18 month, in house, discipleship course that is very intense, structured and spiritual. We were established in 2005 and now house over 120 men. We are approved by the D.O.C. (Dept. of Corrections) as an approved option to prison as well as a bridge for those whom are completing their sentences and choose not to return to the same environment they once lived, upon release. We also work very closely with the court system in Fulton County and the jail that is located on Rice Street. We have many men who come to us from the Westside of Atlanta by order of the courts.

Our heart for the Westside is to help those who want to help themselves and even bring that revelation to those who don’t. As most know, the opiate crisis in the West Side is rampant. We, at A Better Way, would like to help eliminate that by offering these men a way out. A Better Way owns a piece of land at the intersection of Boone and Lowery which we plan on turning into a recruiting station or crisis center. This will be a place that men can come to if they are looking to come off the streets and find housing that will help them get free from drugs and addiction. The men that seem to be serious will then be sent to our main campus in Senoia, Ga. 

We would love to be a part of what God is doing in this hour in the West Side of Atlanta. We believe that we can help by helping the men be the leaders that God has called them to be and by offering them an environment that is conducive for spiritual growth and total healing. Mind, body and soul. 

We would love to have anybody who is interested to come and tour the facility. Our doors are open at all times and we give tours on a regular basis. Let us know if we can be of help to anyone. We do request financial assistance from those interested in entering the program but have never denied entrance to anyone due to lack of funds. Scholarships are always available to those who earnestly desire to be free from the chains that bind them. Visit our website: abetterwayministries.com.


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