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Historical Commercial District and Georgia State University Converge at The Flatiron

Downtown Atlanta is in a continual evolutionary state. The Covid pandemic may have temporarily sucked the energy from downtown, but we are seeing signs of life again! There’s a spark that is rekindling the burning flame within us, returning vibrancy to Downtown Atlanta and carrying the eternal flame of optimism for the future. The pendulum is swinging toward  a more vibrant downtown with the return of Georgia State University (GSU) students who are filling the streets and FlatironCity’s Land of a Thousand Hills coffee shop to congregate and collaborate. The coffee shop’s welcoming vibe draws students in and gives them the perfect spot to meet with friends, work and innovate.

FlatironCity, which is innovative space with flexible monthly and long-term office leases, community events and cutting-edge amenities, draws inspiration from the history of our beloved Flatiron building. In 1864, General Sherman ordered the destruction of Atlanta’s Downtown Business District and from its ashes in 1897 rose the Flatiron, one of the city’s first cast iron steel skyscrapers. Our building’s history is rooted in the brilliance of American ingenuity which continues today with entrepreneurs who call FlatironCity home. 

We’re also seeing an uptick in businesspeople getting back to the office with some of our existing tenants even expanding because they know the importance for connection and collaboration. The vibrancy of Broad Street and Flatiron’s Boardwalk is helping to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces to collaborate and give employees and owners added flexibility in places to create and ideate. Just look at the Boardwalk’s planned October fresh look with power outlets along the Boardwalk and built-in seating:

These past 18 months may have kicked us and knocked us down, but we’re standing right back up. The future is bright in Atlanta’s Downtown and especially here at FlatironCity, where the vibrancy of GSU students intersect with dreams of Atlanta’s central business district. 


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