As we commemorate another Veterans Day this past weekend, it is crucial to reflect on the sacrifices made by our veterans to sustain the safety and freedom of our country. Goodwill of North Georgia acknowledges the contributions and sacrifices of our veterans and is proud to honor them every day.

Goodwill of North Georgia has a longstanding commitment to serving veterans and their families. After serving as a staff sergeant in the Army for 22 years, Kroner Grant found himself out of work due to physical health issues. Feeling frustrated and stuck, he visited Goodwill’s Career Center in Smyrna, where Career he found help with his resume, job search, and interview preparation. With Goodwill’s assistance, Kroner was able to transfer his military skills into a civilian resume and secure eight interviews, ultimately choosing a job that aligned with his goals. Today, Kroner works at Delta Material Services as a shipper and enjoys his job and work-life balance. He is grateful to Goodwill for their assistance after a life of military service.

Goodwill of North Georgia offers employment services as well as the First Choice Veterans Program. This program involves evaluating the skills and work experience of veterans and then collaborating with local employers to find suitable positions for a paid, two to six-week trial period known as a “working interview”. If the trial period goes well and there is a good fit, the veteran is hired for a long-term position. We are committed to ensuring that every veteran has a job opportunity when they come home, and we have the support of the Veterans Administration, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, and hundreds of employers to help make this happen.

Ralfiel Worthem, the Director of Career Services at Goodwill of North Georgia, has a rich military background. He joined the Marines in 1989, served as a platoon sergeant, and was responsible for managing 60-70 Marines. While in the Marines, he visited more than 10 countries and met his wife. After leaving the military in 2001, Worthem searched for employment and found a job at Goodwill of North Georgia’s Pleasant Hill Career Center in Duluth. Worthem credits Goodwill for helping him transfer his military skills into a civilian setting, reminding him of the soft skills he needed to interact with his coworkers, and making his messages more digestible for a non-military audience. Worthem advises veterans transitioning to civilian life to seek Goodwill of North Georgia for assistance, promising they have established strong relationships with employers eager to welcome veterans and place them in positions where they can succeed.

We owe it to our veterans to honor their service and sacrifice, and Goodwill of North Georgia is proud to be a part of that effort. Through its commitment to service, Goodwill continues to provide valuable resources and support to veterans and their families, helping them to build brighter futures and achieve their dreams.

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