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How Downtown Atlanta Aims to Drive Alternative Commute Options

Incentives, Education, and Even Zoning May Play a Role

By Junior Knox

Imagine an Atlanta that, as it grows, expands its mobility options to better accommodate movement in and around the city, beyond driving alone in a car. Although the reality of COVID has significantly changed commuting habits, it’s important for us to plan for a region that accommodates 2.9 million more residents and 1.2 million more jobs by 2050 without significant roadway expansion.

Central Atlanta Progress (CAP) has put such imaginings to paper with a study about what planners call Transportation Demand Management, or TDM for short (planners love their acronyms!). Think transportation alternatives like walking, bicycling, carpooling, transit, or teleworking.

The study, funded by a $100,000 grant from ARC’s Livable Centers Initiative (LCI), looks at mobility alternatives from a policy perspective in the City of Atlanta. Midtown Alliance and Livable Buckhead participated in the study along with CAP, and the recommendations apply to areas in the city limits. Atlanta is fourth nationally in travel commute times and nearly 70 percent of all trips are taken by individuals who are driving alone. Read on, for more details of the study.

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