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Atlanta Civic Circle Housing Affordability

“It looks like a prison”: Housing project derided for design shortfalls

a white building with no details other than small black windows resembling a prison against a grey sky

Renderings of the proposed Campbellton Apartments. (Credit: Prime Engineering, Inc., via What Now Atlanta)

By Sean Keenan and Sukainah Abid-Kons for Atlanta Civic Circle

A proposed Southwest Atlanta development has drawn the ire of neighbors who say blueprints make the residential complex look “like a prison.”

Members of the Skip Mason’s Vanishing Black Atlanta History Facebook group blasted plans for the 200-unit mixed-use project, which is expected to rise on Campbellton Road and include 13,000 square feet of commercial space, after What Now Atlanta reported on the venture.

“Looks like inmate housing,” one comment said. “So prisonesque,” said another. “They are concentrating the ghetto in Southwest Atlanta.” “Horrible! I thought it was an office building.”


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