The Krog Street tunnel. (Photo by Kelly Jordan.)

The debate on whether or not you should turn left from Dekalb onto Krog is settled for the moment — no lefts or rights — at least not at night. The popular local landmark Krog Street Tunnel will be closed for the next few months between 7 pm and 6 am Sunday through Friday, with the exception of Saturdays. Dekalb Avenue will also be partially closed due to the construction project.

Phase 1 construction started on Krog Street Tunnel in late September, and is slated to last until sometime in November. 

The City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management declined any interviews, comments or statements but did provide a fact sheet about the project.

According to the fact sheet provided, “this project is designed to restore the drainage system in the tunnel, which has been subject to periodic flooding”. The tunnel is known to flood during heavy rains, to the annoyance of many.

The tunnel connects Dekalb Avenue NE to Wylie Street SE. It’s widely known for its ever-changing graffiti that residents and other artists spray on, and has become something of a local tourist attraction. The project is said to cost an estimated $5,287,002.50, according to the fact sheet. 

It is a two-phase project, with Phase 1 consisting of, “installing new inlets and stormwater pipeline in the vicinity of the Krog Street and Dekalb Avenue intersection,” to be completed this Fall. Phase 2 will focus on, “capacity relief for the storm line that runs under the tunnel” according to the fact sheet and will finish Spring 2023, according to a separate project update sheet from the Atlanta Department of Transportation and Department of Watershed Management. 

Krog Street Tunnel has seen increased investment lately. It recently received a lighting installation, making the tunnel safer and easier to navigate, especially for pedestrians or bike riders at night. That project, which started in February 2022, completed this August.

The City of Atlanta hopes the flooded Krog Street Tunnel becomes a thing of the past, and all investments point towards the city understanding the local gem’s importance to the area.

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