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Long-delayed sale, rehab of decaying Forest Cove apartments on horizon

Forest Cove’s downward spiral could be coming to an end — one that marks the beginning of the dilapidated, decades-old Section 8 apartment complex’s long-awaited resurrection.

Global Ministries Foundation (GMF), which owns the nearly 400-unit community on Atlanta’s Southside, intends to finalize the sale of the property to Millennia Housing Management (MHM) next week, GMF CEO Richard Hamlet told Atlanta Civic Circle in an interview.

Today, Forest Cove is what residents have called “uninhabitable” — boarded-up, littered with trash and infested with rodents, bugs and mold. MHM, which has managed the property since 2017, plans to restore the affordable housing development to something tenants can be proud of.

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  1. Dana F. Blankenhorn April 23, 2021 10:18 am

    A slum isn’t how a place looks. It’s in the heart. To break up slums you need cops and teachers and preachers and firemen, community leaders nearby whom young people can aspire to be. You have to fight the pathology. It’s expensive. It costs enormous sums for each family raised up. But it’s worth it to everyone, because it cuts down the pathology, increases the supply of scarce human capital, and cuts crime.

    Paint and new appliances don’t do anything about the pathologies. They just cover it up.

    Atlanta has examples of mixed communities that have taught the lesson, but we’re going back to the old model, because it’s easier to implement.Report


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