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MARTA Police, Georgia State University Criminal Justice and Criminology Department Partner to Offer Paid Internships

Edward Verdree, MPD intern

Program Offers Students Exceptional Experience, Opportunity For Future Employment

The MARTA Police Department (MPD) and Georgia State University (GSU) are partnering to offer a paid internship to assist eligible students in completing their degree requirements. The pilot internship program allows seniors graduating from GSU’s Criminal Justice and Criminology Department the opportunity to work up to 20-hours a week with MPD, receiving $15 per hour.

Suleman Hussain, MPD intern

“There is no more noble profession than police work and I believe it’s important that young people interested in criminal justice work enter the job with their eyes open to the challenges and rewards that come with it,” said MARTA Police Chief Scott Kreher. “This partnership with GSU gives interns real world experience and an advantage when applying for jobs after graduation.”

“We’re grateful that MARTA recognizes the importance of interns and the financial realities of our students. We believe these internships will offer MARTA the opportunity to vet high-quality students and offer our students the opportunity to experience firsthand what it’s like to work in a law enforcement agency as they consider their careers and beyond,” said Michael Shapiro, Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology at GSU.

Eligible students are required to serve in three areas of MPD over the course of the semester: Police Communications, Criminal Investigation, and Uniformed Patrol. Once selected, interns will be brought on as part-time MARTA employees and attend a short orientation program. After successful completion of the internship and required testing, they will be given priority hiring status if they apply for a position within MPD and be eligible for hiring incentives worth thousands of dollars.

The pilot program runs until July, giving seven seniors valuable experience and MPD immediate help and time to vet them as potential new hires. GSU is actively working with juniors on selecting and applying for the internship in hopes of expanding the program.


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