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MARTA Requests Feedback For Bus Network Redesign


Authority Asks: Do You Want Your Bus to Go More Places or Arrive More Frequently?

MARTA is seeking customer input on a possible redesign of its bus network. MARTA wants to know do you want the bus to come more frequently but go fewer places or go more places but arrive less frequently?

Click here link to learn more about the two bus service options and then click here MARTA Bus Network Redesign Project Survey (surveymonkey.com) to tell us what you think. Participation in the survey will help MARTA create a more connected and efficient transit system that meets the needs of its customers.

Once you take the survey, share it! MARTA wants to hear from as many riders and potential customers as possible. MARTA will take the feedback from the surveys and outline next steps in the process this spring.

Questions and comments about MARTA’s Bus Network Redesign can be emailed to busnetwork@itsmarta.com.


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