State of Good Repair Work Between Lindbergh Center, Buckhead, & Lenox Stations Enhances Safety & Extends Life of Rail System 

MARTA has successfully completed the Track Replacement Project at Canterbury Junction, where the Red and Gold rail lines converge north of Lindbergh Center Station.

The State of Good Repair work on the heavy rail lines that run between Lindbergh Center, Buckhead, and Lenox Stations began last Tuesday, Feb. 17 and concluded early this morning, Feb. 22. The Track Replacement Project is an approximately $225 million, multi-year effort that involves replacing track and switches throughout the rail system. These ongoing upgrades are designed to enhance the safety of the system and are federally required for MARTA to operate.

“The entire MARTA team worked tirelessly to ensure this necessary work was completed safely and in a timely manner, and that the inconvenience to our customers was minimal,” said MARTA General Manager and CEO Jeffrey Parker. “This work will allow trains to travel through Canterbury Junction at an increased speed and reduce train delays. Riders should notice an immediate improvement.”

MARTA provided free bus shuttles between Lindbergh Center, Buckhead, and Lenox Stations and approximately 40,000 people took advantage of this service during the project. MARTAConnect, a one-year pilot program with Uber, was also available to customers for travel through the area. The $10 Uber voucher was downloaded 552 times and 429 trips were taken at a total cost to MARTA of $4,270.90. Customers primarily used the vouchers for travel to and from the affected rail stations, rather than for travel between them.

The Track Replacement Project is part of MARTA’s ongoing commitment to enhancing customer safety and experience. Also underway is a systemwide Station Rehabilitation Program that includes aesthetic and amenity upgrades, the Elevator and Escalator Restoration Program, the implementation of an improved audio-visual customer communication system (AVIS), and the largest capital project in MARTA’s history, the purchase of new railcars.

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