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MARTA Unveils Look Of New Trains

MARTA will replace its entire heavy rail fleet over the next several years with 224 railcars (56 four-car train sets) purchased from Stadler in 2019 for $646 million. The new railcar bodies were constructed by Stadler in Hungary and are on their way to Salt Lake City to be outfitted before returning to Atlanta to go into service in 2025. They made a pit stop in Atlanta on Dec. 16 for an unveiling and celebration at MARTA’s South Yard facility.


  • Open gangway
  • Digital signs and maps
  • Forward and inward seats                      
  • Wind screens near train doors
  • Spacious luggage and bike areas      
  • Improved heating, cooling and lighting


  • Minimalist design in MARTA colors    
  • State-of-the-art safety features
  • Lighted smile on front denoting rail line –Red Gold Green Blue

Construction of MARTA’s heavy rail system began in 1975, with the first railcars rolling out in 1979. The existing heavy rail fleet totals 340 cars and was obtained under three procurements in 1979-1981, 1984-1988, and 2000-2005.


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View Kelly Jordan’s ‘Seen in Atlanta’ series here: MARTA New Rail Cars Event – South Yard – College Park – Dec. 16, 2022

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