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Kelly Jordan Seen in Atlanta

Memorial Arts- Photos By Kelly Jordan

“Memorial Arts” by Kelly Jordan

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  1. Max Leventhal July 30, 2019 10:31 am

    As the unofficial architectural historian at the Woodruff Arts Center, I would like to add to the public’s understanding of the beautiful pictures Kelly Jordan has shared with us. The Woodruff Arts Center is a 17 acre campus, composed of 3 building groups. The home of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the Alliance Theatre, and a hive of wonderful event and education facilities is the Memorial Arts Building, built in 1968 to commemorate Atlanta’s Orly plane crash victims. Many of the pictures show exquisite glimpses of the High Museum. The building exterior made of square panels; and the soaring interior views, is the 1984 museum building, designed by Richard Meyer. Renzo Piano Workshop were the Master Planners and Architect for a dramatic expansion of the campus, opened in 2005. The rectangular exterior panelization and the “light scoops” shown are pictures of those buildings. Jordan’s photos for me capture the ambition and artistic elegance of the architecture of the Woodruff Arts Center, Atlanta’s cultural masterpiece. This campus may always be architectural art work in progress. Pardon our dust as we renew for the Atlanta we live in today.Report


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