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New Office Concept Is Enriching Relationships

During the recession, it became the norm to hear about mortgage companies closing their doors. In previous posts, we’ve mentioned the importance of “waiting for the tide to rise again” in the cyclical nature of the housing industry – but what you do during that wait is equally important.

Cal Haupt, President and CEO of Southeast Mortgage

Cal Haupt, President and CEO of Southeast Mortgage

Southeast Mortgage has always believed in strong relationships with past clients, referral sources, industry partners, the real estate community and mortgage loan originators. Creating and maintaining these relationships takes time and attention, but the rewards they bring are tantamount to a foundation that can sustain a company through an economic recession.

When Southeast Mortgage got a call last year from a source saying a developer in Atlanta was turning over an 8,000-square-foot office space, our team knew it was as an incredible opportunity.

The Alpharetta office space overlooking Georgia 400 had all the accoutrements of the pre-financial crisis excess – large conference rooms filled with furniture. But this office space furniture was not like all of the others. The boardroom table was easily converted into a regulation-size pool table and there was a card table that could be converted to a conference table.

Interested in the size and location of the office as well as the unique accoutrements it included, we elected to move into the space. We enhanced the entertainment aspect of the office and added other items like a satellite television, Baggo set and more card tables. Once renovations were completed, our CRM team hosted a Realtor/Referral Social.

The rapport we saw at that social was amazing. It was not the typical dinner conversation among our team and the real estate community – they were having enriching conversation while enjoying a glass of wine, good music and fun competitive games. This social event illustrated another way to create and sustain strong relationships with industry partners.

Because of the successes seen at the first “Social Max Center” in the Alpharetta, we will open three new offices this year that will mirror the first multi-use design. This month, we will open a Social Max Center to serve Cobb and Perimeter offices and in June we will open a Social Max Center to serve our new Gwinnett office.

Each space will be available for our team, the real estate community and industry partners to host events. We’ll provide casual and professional photography for Realtors that attend or host events as well as offer training and marketing materials.

This concept is about doing everything we can to promote a fun and productive environment in which employees, partners and clients can thrive. We understand that while large offices serve our team well, our team is only as strong as the relationships we have with others in the industry.

The new Social Max Centers weren’t just something we created while waiting for the tide to rise – they are evidence of company growth rooted almost entirely in creating and sustaining relationships.

– Cal Haupt, President and CEO of Southeast Mortgage


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