Stella Silva-Garcia

Age: 47
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom and co-owner of an information technology firm.
Family: She and her husband have two sons, 22, and 9.
Residence: Alpharetta
Community work: No Safe Seats, a community group of suburban moms in North Fulton and Cobb counties. Georgia Familias Unidas, a group working with undocumented workers at poultry plants in Gainesville, Ga. Member of Protect The Vote Ga.

When Georgia State Rep. Park Cannon was arrested last month for knocking on the governor’s door as he signed a controversial election reform bill, Stella Silva-Garcia was there. She didn’t go home until Cannon was released from jail around midnight.

Silva-Garcia was there shortly after the deadly nitrogen gas leak on Jan. 28 claimed six lives at a Gainesville poultry plant. She helped with a food drive that raised $70,000 and went around the community telling workers about clinics that offered financial, medical, and immigration help.

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