With a mission of transforming spaces into innovation hubs and community centers, Jamestown, a global real estate investment and management company with a 37-year track record and around $12.1 billion in assets under management as of December 31, 2020, strategically focuses on growth through tech and innovation, placemaking and sustainability. 

All too often, cities tear down older buildings and replace them. At Jamestown, whose US headquarters is located in Atlanta, we believe in the power of reimagining strategically located buildings with good bones and turning them into community hubs with a strong sense of place. This adaptive re-use strategy is an economically, socially, and environmentally responsible alternative to tearing down for new construction. 

Our vertically integrated platform allows us to bring added value to all aspects of the real estate business, creating destinations that are collaborative, resilient, and responsive. This is accomplished through our innovative approach to placemaking, tenant curation, site activation and programming, and reconfiguring public spaces. 

Our collaborative approach spans all facets of ownership, including our approach to sustainability. We utilize green leases with our tenants in which we share the costs of energy efficiency practices to ensure they have a real stake in reducing energy use as much as possible. With outdoor space and amenities at a premium, our portfolio also prioritizes creating open public spaces, as well as links to alternative transportation.

The events of 2020 drove home the necessity of real estate owners and managers being in lockstep with restaurants and retailers as they worked to rethink their standard business operations. We didn’t just stand by; we launched a $50 million restart effort to ensure resources were available as our tenants developed their reopening strategies and we created a Small Business Portal to keep them up to date on legislation impacting their businesses and other tools.

This resulted in an accelerated digital transformation across the real estate industry. Traditionally, there has not been a strong appetite in the industry to invest in advanced technology. At Jamestown we see opportunity in the unknown and are committed to innovation, focusing on investments in key growth areas including health and wellness, big data, and property management and automation. For example, we were one of the early investors in the tech start-up HqO and have launched their tenant experience mobile app at several of our properties in the US, with plans to extend it further. 

Embracing new and inclusive growth also led us to a new endeavor at the end of 2019, when we launched Jamestown Invest, the first retail investment fund sponsored by an established institutional real estate operator. We believe this digital platform that connects US-based retail investors with rigorously vetted institutional-quality real estate is the future of investing.

To learn more about the rapidly changing landscape of investing, including intelligent portfolio diversification strategies and alternative options, join Jamestown Invest for a webinar on Thursday, March 25th @ 1:30 ET. Additional details and registration can be found here.

You may download and review the Offering Circular at www.jamestowninvest.com/OC. Securities offered through North Capital Private Securities, Member FINRA/SIPC.
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