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Safety first: Georgia’s new congressional map eliminates competition

Photo credit: Emilia Weinrobe. November 2, 2021, at the Park Tavern location in Midtown on the corner of Monroe and Eighth St.

In anticipation of the gerrymandering lawsuits that are sure to follow, political strategists, voting rights groups, and scholars alike are assessing the consequences of Georgia’s newly drawn legislative districts for the state’s political landscape.

They say it’s already apparent that, in a state where Republicans and Democrats consistently poll neck-and-neck, the number of truly competitive districts for both parties is dwindling to zero.

Late last month, the Georgia General Assembly sent Governor Brian Kemp the final of three legislative maps hammered out in its redistricting special session. Kemp has until Jan. 1 to sign off on the newly drawn districts for Georgia’s state house, senate, and U.S. Congress.

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