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Moments Moments Season 1

SaportaReport to add “Moments” starting in January

For nearly three years, SaportaReport has brought you closer to the issues and the diverse personalities that comprise our metro area. Beginning in January, we’ll bring you a little closer with “Moments,” a new column featuring an interview with and one-minute video of famous and not-so-famous metro Atlantans.

We’ll ask each to share a moment in their lives when, suddenly, everything changed. Perhaps it was one dramatic occurrence that sparked their moment or maybe it was an intriguing confluence of seemingly unrelated events that prompted them to stop, take a breath and contemplate and perhaps alter the path upon which they were traveling.

As we catalog these moments, we hope they’ll add even more value to the mosaic of metro Atlanta stories our team of journalists is weaving on this website called SaportaReport. Through contributions of excellent writers such as Maria Saporta, David Pendered, Eleanor Ringel Cater and Michelle Hiskey, readers of SaportaReport are gaining an appreciation of why and how residents have influenced the way Atlanta is evolving into the singular city it is becoming. We hope this new column will add to your understanding of how these happy – and some sad – moments have impacted the region we all call home.

Moments is only one change you’ll notice at SaportaReport. Today, we introduce a new design element with photos of our writers and weekly guest columnist at the top of our Home Page and the Weekly Update, which we email to thousands of interested readers each Tuesday morning (click here to subscribe). Click on the writers’photos and you’ll land on a page with his or her most recent posts.

Also debuting in January is a series of Thought Leadership pages within SaportaReport. On these “mini-sites” you’ll read expert commentary from experts in various fields of knowledge about their perspective of service to our business and civic community. You might compare these new Thought Leadership pages to what you’ve experienced in a special section of a newspaper, although these pages will be updated all year long with commentary, expert opinion as well as video interviews with industry leaders. If you’d like to know more how you or your organization could host one of these exclusive Thought Leadership sites, please
Email me at this link
or call me at 404.872.7289, ext. 1.

We hope you’ll have many great moments in the coming holiday season and that you will choose to spend many more meaningful ones with our SaportaReport team as we continue to expand what we believe is becoming one of the top online destinations for those who want to know and understand the mosaic of metro Atlanta.

Chris Schroder is publisher of saportareport.com, president of Schroder Public Relations and a former newspaper reporter and owner. He can be reached at chris@saportareport.com.

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