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Atlanta’s 1961 Thanksgiving Week – A football game, ginormous Christmas tree, and a little make-believe

By Guest Columnist BO HIERS, a semi-retired marketing officer in the reinsurance industry and super-proud grandfather of his beloved grandson, Fletcher

Thanksgiving week is – with apologies to a popular song about a different holiday – my most wonderful time of the year. If I could pinpoint a single year which kick-started my Thanksgiving fandom, it would be 1961. Like all second graders, I was blown away by large events with lots of people.

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Journalists are not enemies of the people, but writers for the people

It’s no accident that the First Amendment of our nation’s Bill of Rights protected the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech. It is fundamental to our democracy and to what makes the United States special.

So it is distressing to hear President Donald Trump call the press the “enemy of the people” when the reverse is actually true.