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The Impact Families First Can Have

When you look at a family, the parents of that family are often the ones who hold all the power. They hold the power to shape their children’s lives. They hold the power to raise their children to be the best versions of themselves. And they hold the power to set their children down the right path, teaching them right from wrong. While we would love to say that all families follow this picture-perfect model, sadly, that’s not always the case.  

For some families, parental figures are lacking, and for other families, parental figures may be nonexistent. That’s where Families First comes in. With us, we bring these individuals the family they need. 

Kenya is one of those individuals. She came to Families First after her mother signed over her parental rights to her. It wasn’t long before Kenya met Kim, and once she did, Kim helped give her the family support she craved.

Like Kenya, many others are impacted positively by Families First. Keep reading below to find out how we help our families.

Confidence Is Built

Without a parental figure, confidence is lost. It’s hard to know if you are on the right track, or what steps will help get you on that path if you don’t have a parental figure. When people come to Families First, confidence is built because they now have someone holding them accountable as they work to keep them on the right track. Kim was able to do this for Kenya and it helped her regain her confidence.

Communication Is Improved

Just like their confidence that is lacking, many come through our doors without also being able to articulate their thoughts and feelings. For so long their feelings have been pushed aside or they have been made to feel like their feelings are not important. Our counseling helps to combat this. For Kenya, she was able to address unresolved family issues and grow stronger after she learned how to communicate through her counseling.

Support Is Provided

Without a parental figure, individuals have no support in their households. No matter what age someone is, they will always require a supportive familial environment that fosters growth. Families First can provide this, offering a loving and supportive family. Like so many of our clients, Kenya was able to get the support she needed through Families First.

Since walking through the doors of Families First, Kenya has grown as an individual. She now has her own apartment and has her car. Kenya is the definition of resilience and has found success, but she doesn’t have to be the only one who succeeds. 

Others who are in a similar situation as Kenya can find the same growth that she found at Families First. 


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