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The Kids Are Alright: Younger generation talks all things voting with ACC

Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport on Airline Street. (Photo by Kelly Jordan)

When you turn 18, you’re legally considered an adult. This comes with a multitude of new responsibilities in this country – not the least of which is access to the ballot box. With Atlanta’s 2021 municipal elections on the horizon, ACC spoke to potential new voters from this cohort to hear their thoughts on local politics and the power of the youth vote.

In the 2020 general election, half of the younger generation, ages 18 to 29, submitted their ballot, according to an analysis published by Tufts University. That’s an 11-point increase from the 2016 election cycle, but among that age group, folks aged 18 or 19 vote at a lesser rate — around 46 percent.

The federal elections are flashier and garner more publicity, so will young Atlanta voters have a similar turnout for the city’s upcoming local elections?

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Hannah E. Jones

Hannah Jones is an Atlanta native who recently graduated from Georgia State University, with a major in journalism and minor in public policy. She began studying journalism in high school and has since served as a reporter and editor for two newspapers. Hannah managed the Arts and Living section of The Signal, Georgia State’s independent award-winning newspaper. She has a passion for environmental issues, urban life and telling a good story. Hannah is excited about the opportunity to serve the City of Atlanta and its people. Hannah can be reached at [email protected]


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