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The real financial impact of moving the MLB All-Star Game

By Ben Abrams, Atlanta Civic Circle’s summer intern. This article originally appeared on ACC.

Local business leaders and economists alike are unconvinced the game would have made a major financial impact.

Small businesses in Cobb County are still getting national attention after Major League Baseball (MLB) decided to relocate the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver in response to Georgia’s election reform law.

People in sports, politics, and business responded to the MLB’s decision with a mixture of praise and criticism. However, public figures like Stacey AbramsGeorgia’s governor Brian Kemp, and the Atlanta Braves, have also expressed disappointment about the game relocating because of the potentially negative impact the move will have on Cobb County’s local economy.

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  1. Ann O’Nymous July 2, 2021 5:09 pm

    You need to look no further than the Gold Dome, where Republicans voted to enact those voting laws, and the governor signed them, if you want to place blame (especially the Republican legislators from Cobb County).Report


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