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THRIVE Thomasville inspires community-led giving

By Nikonie Brown, Content and Social Media Associate, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta

Created in 2019, THRIVE Thomasville is a community-led grantmaking initiative sponsored by the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta to support the Thomasville neighborhood. Its goal is to put philanthropic investments into the hands of residents of Historic Thomasville to address community concerns.

Led by the THRIVE Thomasville Council, a unique, resident-led advisory board, THRIVE Thomasville is dedicated to acknowledging the history of the community and its assets, supporting community engagement where residents are aware of the available resources and can effectively partner with each other and more.

Since its creation, THRIVE Thomasville has granted more than $90,000 to individuals and organizations in Forest Cove, Norwood Manor and Thomasville Heights. Learn more about these grant recipients here.

Watch the video below to hear THRIVE Thomasville Council members, Historic Thomasville community members and Foundation staff discuss how they partner and collaborate on community-led efforts.


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