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‘Tis the Season for Wellness

As we head into the holiday season, our personal wellness is often overshadowed by baking sweet treats, decorating the house, attending holiday parties and selecting the perfect gifts. However, there are ways to help make this holiday season a season of wellness. 

Here are some examples that have helped millions of people achieve greater wellness:

Emotional Wellness:  Mend the negative self-talk. We have gotten accustomed to being too harsh about ourselves. Everyone has flaws just as everyone has their virtues. We tend not to focus on the positive things we have to offer life. Maybe because it is not often that we hear positive things about us from others, or perhaps some of us live trying to cope with trauma from past experiences while at the same time living in a hyper-competitive and fragile system that feels like it’s constantly threatening our sanity. You are not alone! You are meant to be connected and you deserve to feel whole. Your struggles are real and it is okay to process these things with a professional who was trained to accompany you towards recovery.  

Physical Wellness: Increasing your physical wellness frequently has shown to be beneficial. Not only to your physical health but also your emotional health.  Even a 30 minute workout a day has worked in increasing motivation, alertness, and general focus.  

Social Wellness: It is a fact that we are pack animals! We need to feel connected. We care for others and we cannot deny how good it feels when others care about us. Social wellness brings with it great powers of healing and personal growth. It makes us resilient. The feeling that you matter and that you belong is the very foundation of wellness because as long as we are able to connect with others our anxieties are lessened greatly. Make it your mission to connect with people and dedicate meaningful and enjoyable time with others.


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