Atlanta has all the tools it needs to be a dense, world-class metropolis, but the city’s leaders aren’t properly utilizing them in a way that could one day accommodate  the ongoing population boom and boost housing affordability. As housing experts and city officials will tell you, Atlanta today has plenty of construction-ready land, dilapidated and abandoned houses desperately in need of rehabilitation and homes that, some might say, are far too large for their inhabitants.

So where do we go from here? In short, the city begs for density, and efforts to create such compactness abound. But we won’t get there without considerable changes to municipal regulations and a drastic shift in the way developers operate.

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  1. Increased density requires increased parkland, increased tree coverage, increased focus on maintaining (and expanding) stream buffers. Otherwise you’re building a heat sink, as in Edgewood, an environmental disaster area. Atlanta is a forest and the way we’re doing “affordable housing” is making it a desert.

  2. We don’t want Atlanta to be a densely overpopulated city anyway!!! I wish they would stop moving here kicking people out of their properties just to turn a profit and take their asses to another city with this bs!! Some people with money are just plain evil and dont care that they’re leaving folks homeless with this making Atlanta into Cali crap!!!

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