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“Today, what actions can we take to make a difference?”

FeaturedPhoto: Peaceful protest in Midtown outside the Fox Theatre, June 2, 2020 / Credit: Shaddi Abusaid @shaddiabusaid

By Kevin Green, President and CEO, Midtown Alliance 

The last 10 weeks seem surreal, as we’ve gone from ‘shelter-in-place’ orders to a nightly curfew due to civil protests. This past week has been a long and emotional one for our city and our country. We thank our mayor and local officials for their steady leadership, and our police, fire and first responders for operating in extremely challenging conditions. We also thank the citizens of our city, including the tens of thousands who have supported one another and protested peacefully, and even showed up downtown with brooms and trash bags to help clean up needless damage caused by the few.    

It feels like we are dealing with two stubborn viruses simultaneously: COVID-19 and racial injustice. One is new, and the other has been around for a long time. That’s a lot to confront at a time when our nation seems as politically divided as we’ve ever seen it. As a society and as individuals, we’ve got a lot of work to do beginning right now. It starts with each of us searching our hearts and asking ourselves, “Today what actions can I take to make a difference?” As an organization, we remain committed to our core values of creating a safe and vibrant urban district that strengthens our city, and a public realm where all are welcome. 

Stories from all over chronicling the good work of people who lift others up show that we can emerge from this chapter in our history stronger than ever.   

We are all in this together, and Atlanta – with its storied legacy – can and should lead by example.

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