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By United Way of Greater Atlanta

A $100,000 grant to United Way of Greater Atlanta from Bank of America will help address issues fundamental to economic stability and social progress in low and moderate-income communities across Greater Atlanta. Atlanta CareerRise – a funding collaborative managed by United Way of Greater Atlanta – received $75,000 in support of its workforce development program which serves both low-wage individuals and employers who need skilled workers. The remaining $25,000 will go to United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Economic Stability investment priority area to provide access to community-based health services, crisis-prevention services tied to family stabilization programs, and to address other issues that can prevent individuals and families from moving out of poverty.

“There are more than 51,000 young adults in Greater Atlanta who are locked out of the economy—either not working or in school. We also know that children who grow up in poverty have a 4 percent chance of moving into the middle class,” says Milton J. Little, Jr., President and CEO of United Way of Greater Atlanta. “We are thrilled that Bank of America is investing in the economic stability of individuals, families, and communities across Greater Atlanta.”

Bank of America’s grants to Atlanta CareerRise and the Economic Stability investment priority area will help United Way of Greater Atlanta advance its Child Well-Being Agenda. United Way of Greater Atlanta understands that one component of improving child well-being is to increase the economic stability of families by providing families with the resources, tools, and incentives needed to become self-reliant and break the cycle of poverty. Economically secure families can invest time in their children’s education; they can save for the future and weather financial crises, and they have a greater likelihood of becoming homeowners, promoting stronger neighborhoods that increase positive outcomes for children and building businesses that not only help the individual but give back to the community by creating jobs. Research confirms that the economic viability of any region, community, or neighborhood is positively impacted when constituents can maintain adequate personal income.

“Workforce development, job creation, and access to health and crisis-prevention services are some of the most pressing needs facing the Atlanta community,” said Al McRae, President, Bank of America Atlanta. “We’re grateful for the work of nonprofit organizations like United Way of Greater Atlanta to address critical needs in our community and put individuals and families on the path to building better financial lives.”

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