Families First holds their "Rock The Block" at their headquarters in downtown Atlanta. Bringing the community out and together for face painting, food, music, flavored icees, giveaways, and much more for the day.

July 1 marks the start of Families First’s new fiscal year. As the world continues to open up post-COVID, a common thread that emerged is the true power of resilience. Families First believes that resilience is the foundation of building strong families and strong communities. This has been the uniting focus of our work for the last 131 years.

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As we look at our next chapter, our Navigator Care Model is the foundation of our new mission to “Build resilient families so all children can thrive.” At the heart of our new approach is our resilience screening tool to assess a person’s readiness to face life’s challenges and to get back out there. Our Families First team is the boots on the ground to help our families strengthen themselves. And our Navigators are there with them every step of the way. 

We know that cycles of poverty are not broken by one program or service alone. We offer a suite of services and support with other community partners across the state of Georgia. This holistic, results-driven approach stems from our awareness of the barriers that prevent families from achieving success: a connection to meaningful mental and physical healthcare, successful matriculation to livable wage jobs, and stable housing and homeownership. 

As we look forward, we will continue to unite our city to help our families thrive and are thankful for our nonprofit partners, corporate sponsors, donors and staff for their support to move our mission forward.

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We understand firsthand the needs of clients today, but we want to be intentional in helping people combat the needs of ‘tomorrow.’ The learned skills of resiliency can be passed along for generations to come.  Our ultimate goal is to break the cycle of social stagnation and to change population profiles from surviving to thriving communities.

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