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Unrigging democracy: An evening with political reformist Daniel G. Newman

Pages from the book Unrig: How to Fix Our Broken Democracy by Daniel G. Newman. Art by George O'Connor.

Who controls American democracy? Voters or a tiny band of “wealth hoarders” determined to hang on to power?

That’s the question at the heart of America’s ongoing social and political unrest, according to electoral accountability expert Daniel G. Newman.

“It is such a tumultuous time we continue to live through. Many people I’ve talked to [ask] ‘Why are things so crazy, so seemingly out of control, so intense?’ It’s because there’s this fight going on about who gets to control the country,” Newman told over 20 people at the final session of Atlanta Civic Circle’s virtual book club to discuss his recent book, Unrig: How to Fix our Broken Democracy.  

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