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View from Peachtree: Doubling down on the crises our community faces


By A.J. Robinson, CAP/ADID President

In the wake of this unprecedented pandemic, Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District have been focusing on four major courses of action: 1) disseminating information, 2) sharing advice, 3) assisting safety net organizations, and 4) connecting people.

Each day we are fielding questions, bridging the gaps between needs and available resources, and finding new and creative ways to serve our members and stakeholders in digital spaces.

We’ve recently begun hosting a weekly CAP Member Briefing, an hourlong webinar that features guest speakers representing a variety of sectors: hospitality, financial services, healthcare, government, and other members of the community.

This week’s briefing featured an update from Susan Lund, a partner at CAP member company McKinsey & Company and a leader of the McKinsey Global Institute.

An article she recently co-authored, “Safeguarding our lives and our livelihoods: The imperative of our time,” focuses on the impact of the health-driven virus response and the impact of the corresponding policy responses on the economy. The output is a scenario “matrix” that provides a way to articulate and quantify the uncertainty with which companies and society at large are facing. 

It highlights that the impact of the health-driven response on our economy could be larger than anything we have seen since World War II. It also provides a call to action around the need to solve for the virus and the economy in parallel. To read the complete article, click here.

We are encouraged by the incredible service of our frontline workers—the entire ecosystem of the healthcare industry, law enforcement, public services, and any and all sectors that have stepped up to serve our needs during these unprecedented times.

CAP continues to amass relevant resources in the wake of COVID-19. Visit our primary resource page here

We hope to meet on Peachtree Street again soon.


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