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Moments Moments Season 1

You are invited to watch our 1-Minute Video: “Moments” on SaportaReport

Please watch our one-minute video preview of “Moments,” our new weekly glimpse into the men and women whose own personal moments have changed metro Atlanta:

Two former mayors, Sam Massell and Shirley Franklin, former Georgia Tech graduate student Ryan Gravel who envisioned the Beltline, radio personality Clark Howard – and many others who aren’t so famous – will share their insights into a time when everything changed in their lives. The videos will last only a minute, but we’ll place them into context in an adjoining column.

Life comes at us quickly – especially with all the electronic distractions on our desks or in our pockets. I’m certainly guilty of reading my iPhone when I ride an elevator or wait in line. I’m not as aware as I once was of the circumstances and people around me. The Internet connects me to you but also allows us to disconnect, especially when we’re in a crowd. We’ve learned to ask quick questions, not expecting or perhaps not wanting a long answer. How would you know if that friend or stranger passing by you is in need of a friendly smile or understanding ear – unless you take a moment to look a little deeper into their eyes.

As you dash around this holiday season, take a moment to connect with those who are dear – or perhaps just near – to you. In the next few weeks, try asking an unexpected question and see if you get an unexpected answer. Be creative. Move closer. Make a moment.

Perhaps our Moments column will spark a conversation at your dinner table about that moment that changed you, a friend or a family member. At the least, please share our video preview with your online “friends.” Maybe it will spark a story you haven’t heard. If so, please share it when you join SaportaReport in January for “Moments.”

Chris Schroder is publisher of saportareport.com, president of Schroder Public Relations and a former newspaper reporter and owner. He can be reached at chris@saportareport.com. Video by Reid Childers at Eyesome Productions.


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