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What if Peachtree Were More Than a Street?

Peachtree Demonstration Project Creates Shared Space on Atlanta’s Signature Street

By Kate Sweeney

In this 9-minute listen, the What’s Next ATL podcast spent a morning out at the Peachtree Street Demonstration Project, which is testing how a three-block span of shared space for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists works for all those groups. Listen here or wherever you get podcasts.


A quiet murmur ripples through the crowd when the paint rollers first hit ground — and begin to define the long, white stripes that will make up the brand-new crosswalk on Peachtree Street between Harris and International.

“Yeah, this is the jaywalk zone,” says Glenn Alexander, who works at Hotel Indigo. “Everybody jaywalks here because nobody wants to walk up to either corner to use the crosswalk.”

Alexander says that the new mid-block crosswalk is probably his favorite thing about the Peachtree Street Demonstration Project, which, this summer and fall, transforms this stretch of Atlanta’s signature street from four vehicular lanes, to two. Planters and wheel stops also mark the new boundary — and the new space created by these boundaries is dotted with small, colorful tables. Read more at What’s Next ATL from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC).


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