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What I’ve learned: A conversation with Jane Kim Coloseus, executive director of Her Term

The U.S. Capitol. Photo by Ian Hutchinson, via Unsplash.

Working in male-dominated industries like foreign policy, national security and the nuclear field helped honed Jane Kim Coloseus for the job she has now.

Coloseus is executive director of Her Term, a four-year-old Atlanta-based nonprofit that recruits women to run for public office in the Georgia state legislature. It is an organization of about 10 people.

“Having now been in state politics, there is this common struggle in terms of how do you actually get in the door? How do you understand what a job entails and how do you get recruited, get promoted and get retained in these positions?” Coloseus told Atlanta Civic Circle. ”There’s really a lot of commonalities. [Both are] very heavily dominated by a very narrow kind of perspective.”

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