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Poverty & Equity Thought Leadership

Where Is She Now?

A few years back, after a rough childhood and early adulthood, I joined the Weaver Gardens Independent Living Program at Families First.

Through that experience, I gained the support and the life skills I needed to thrive. Families First taught me practical life skills like how to open a bank account, get a car, and apply for my own apartment. And, they also helped me find my own inner strength and resilience.

Building my resilience has allowed me to build the loving home that I want for my 4-year-old son, Maliki. Thanks to Families First, I’m also enrolled in college again, working toward my degree in clinical and forensic psychology.

On weekends, I teach phlebotomy courses in a hospital – and I also started a business, a residential and commercial cleaning service!

Families First showed me what stability looks like – and now, I have a mission to help other women and children move toward resilience, too. Will you help?

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