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Atlanta Civic Circle Housing Affordability

Will Mayor-elect Andre Dickens be the affordable housing champion he claims?

Andre Dickens

Atlanta Mayor-elect Andre Dickens has vowed to make housing affordability a top priority when he takes office in January. So did Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms when she campaigned in 2017. Could the self-proclaimed champion of affordable housing make a bigger dent in the city’s mounting housing crisis than his predecessor?

Like Bottoms, Dickens has promised that the city will produce and preserve some 20,000 affordable residences over the next eight years—two mayoral terms, if things go his way. Over his two terms as a City Councilmember, Dickens architected city policies mandating affordable housing inclusion at new developments in fast-gentrifying communities, earning him a reputation as a powerful advocate for affordability.

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  1. Concerned A/E/C sector person December 7, 2021 10:23 am

    I wish the best for Mr. Dickens and hope he attains his goals. I attended a few of the panel discussions leading up to the election and adding affordable housing was expressed by nearly every candidate and this will address the potential new facilities and renovations to existing facilities necessary to reach those goals. Currently the procurement process for the City of Atlanta is very cumbersome with duplicitous forms, certifications and requirements that often do not relate to the project being sought. This makes it very time consuming and expensive for the firms interested in working with the City and a very ambiguous process that takes a long time, often will be canceled by the City without any reason being offered and is often very frustrating to the point that many firms have decided to not seek to work with the City due to this process and other negative past experiences. I would suggest that some serious attention is placed on the procurement process to streamline it in order to get the interest of the firms with the experience necessary to tackle these goals. This effort needs to include the Cities very dated procurement portal.Report


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