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Atlanta Civic Circle Housing Affordability

With federal moratorium gone, can local attorneys help stave off torrent of evictions?

(Credit: Tierra Mallorca, via Unsplash)

On Monday, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland called on the nation’s legal community to help curb the “devastating” impact the “looming housing and eviction crisis” could have on Americans due to the abrupt ending of the federal eviction freeze.

“As federal and local eviction moratoriums expire around the country, eviction filings are expected to spike to roughly double their pre-pandemic levels,” Garland wrote in an open letter to attorneys around the country.

“According to a recent Census Bureau survey,” he continued, “over six million American households report that they are behind on rent. Over three million households that are behind on rental payments believe they may be evicted in the next two months.”

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