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Without capitalism, I would not be who I ultimately became

Chelsea Clinton John Hope Bryant John Hope Bryant and Chelsea Clinton at 2016 Global Forum (Photo by Maria Saporta_

By John Hope Bryant, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Operation HOPE, Inc.

Earlier this month, I visited the set of CNBC’s Squawk Box as a guest to talk about capitalism and free enterprise. We covered a lot of ground during our conversation, but I left thinking that it was a good day for everyone who aspires to go from the bottom to the top.

The topic of capitalism is personal for me. I grew up in Compton, California. Without capitalism, and a banker coming to teach me financial literacy at nine years old, I wouldn’t be who I am today. This definitely wouldn’t have been the case had I grown up under communist systems, like China or Russia.

It’s amazing that America, with all of her intense problems and challenges, is still remarkably different than most parts of the world — where you don’t succeed based on your aspirations and ability. Where you don’t speak your mind, and hear your own authentic voice. And we didn’t pull punches or take short cuts either.

There are always ways for America to be better. The country could benefit if wealthier citizens’ tax dollars were allocated toward massive internship and apprenticeship programs. This would effectively create a gateway towards upward mobility for other Americans.

Operation HOPE strives to close that gap and bring financial dignity to everyone.

Click HERE to read the piece about my recent Squawk Box appearance. Share, comment, and engage. Also, contact my team at Operation HOPE to learn more about our mission and how we’re empowering others with financial dignity.


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1 Comment

  1. Nicolas Uppal November 22, 2019 12:47 pm

    A few notes:

    “everyone who aspires to go from the bottom to the top.”

    What about the 99.9% of people who stay at the bottom? It’s not because of a lack of hard work. While they spend 18 hours trying to feed the beast of capitalism, their children are left UNattended, without a way to pay for childcare – unlike ever socially democratic nation. Capitalism doesn’t value those who aren’t working for the owners of production.

    “This definitely wouldn’t have been the case had I grown up under communist systems, like China or Russia.”

    You know just the two most dynamic economies in the world. Not to mention Russia went through a world war then a civil war, to think that that country would is anything less than an economic basket case would be lunacy. However, it consistently beats the US in innovation, healthcare, and education. Yeah, it wouldn’t have happened because youd be a better person.

    “…where you don’t succeed based on your aspirations and ability.”

    youre right here, you succeed based on connections, is your narrative changing?

    “…massive internship and apprenticeship programs.”

    Slavery – great idea. Maybe now we can be upstairs slaves!Report


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