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Presidential debate, at outset, 9:26:16


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Support grows for Medicaid expansion to close Georgia’s health coverage gap

By Guest Columnist LAURA HARKER, who joined the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute in 2016 as a health policy analyst. She is responsible for researching and reporting on Georgia’s health policies and related spending

A ranking Republican Georgia senator who long panned the idea of expanding Medicaid is working on legislation to make it happen. The conservative Georgia Chamber of Commerce just made an economic case for Medicaid expansion as the best way for the state to get a handle on its health care costs and boost struggling rural hospitals.


Lessons learned from football — the Willie Davis effect

This week, BILL CURRY, a former NFL football player and college coach, shares how interracial friendship and cooperation on the football field changed his life. This is part four in a series of sports stories in association with “Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America,” a traveling Smithsonian exhibition sponsored by Georgia Humanities.

In light of recent events that have traumatized every person of good will, and in the spirit of our “Hometown Teams” exhibition, I would like to relate a story about a football team, a terrified youngster, and a great man.

Presidential debate, at outset, 9:26:16

The debate that didn’t go there

We’ve now had the first debate between the Democratic and Republican candidates for president on the serious issues facing our country. So first, let’s talk about Gennifer Flowers.
She matters, because throughout his campaign for president, Donald Trump has in various ways tantalized audiences with the expectation that when he finally got on a debate stage with the woman some of his younger supporters have hated all their lives, he would “go there.” He didn’t.


Survival in a fast paced world

Atlanta’s business history is filled with the records of companies that did not stand the test of time. Evidence of that fact is all around but, to put a positive spin on things, where would all of the hip offices, trendy loft condos and tech startups turn for space if Atlanta’s large warehouses and manufacturing […]

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Blandness of ‘Snowden’ suggests Stone directed wrong script about whistleblower

“Snowden” is a snooze.

It’s also the least Oliver Stone-ish movie Oliver Stone has ever made.

Stone comes by his rep as a hot-button director legitimately. His movies stir people up. Sometimes rightly – “Platoon,” say, or “Salvador.” Sometimes wrongly – “Alexander” or “The Doors.” And sometimes, it seems Stone is being crazy just for the sake of drawing attention to his work – “JFK” comes to mind.

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  • Commentary: Momentum building for MARTA to Gwinnett County

    Commentary: Momentum building for MARTA to Gwinnett County

    For decades, Gwinnett County has had opportunities to join MARTA and build rail service, but voters have turned down every proposal so far. Rev. Harriett Bradley missed her bus transfer to get from Norcross to Lawrenceville so she ended up taking Uber to get to the Sierra Club transit forum earlier this month.

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