John Hope Bryant Bill Clinton

Freedman’s Bank finds life 150 years later in Operation HOPE

Listening to John Hope Bryant, one word comes to mind – destiny.

The myriad of coincidences and serendipitous encounters in Bryant’s life have led to this moment – the 150th anniversary of Freedman’s Bank.

For many, Freedman’s Bank is a footnote in history. But for Bryant, Freedman’s Bank is the biggest unfinished business left over from the presidential administration of Abraham Lincoln, who he calls the greatest president in America’s history.

Feminism, Beyoncé & Björk

Attitudes toward feminism have evolved since the 1960s

By Guest Columnist SUZANNE ZOLLER, a University of Georgia graduate with a BA in Theater who is now living in Atlanta and pursuing an acting career Feminism. Just at the mention of the word, your palms are probably starting to sweat, and maybe even your heart is starting to beat a little bit faster. Feminism […]

Tension in local and state government

Across an array of issues, state-local tensions emerging

Back in the 1980s, when the City of Kennesaw passed its famous ordinance requiring every citizen to own a gun, it might have seemed that the ascent of conservative Republicans to control at the state legislative level, here and elsewhere, would usher in a golden age of local initiatives and local control. Things have not turned out that way at all.

Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy – (1931-2015) – once and forever Mr. Spock

The hold that classic TV stars have on us can be remarkable — as strong, in its way, as that of a Henry Fonda or a Lauren Bacall.

Think of losing Lucy. And now, Leonard Nimoy, the once and forever Mr. Spock.

Yet Nimoy did have a presence outside of “Star Trek.” I saw him on stage once, in his one-man show about Vincent Van Gogh. And he made an impression in the movies, too.


As our region becomes more dense, we need more transit options

As someone who regularly takes public transit, I fail to realize how stressful it is to commute by car. This weekend served as an unfortunate reminder.

Not because of the person who failed to use signal lights when changing lanes – but rather the inordinate amount of time it took to get from point A to point B.

To be sure, the improved temperature was a factor on the Interstate and roadway congestion. But it wasn’t the primary factor.

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  • Manuel’s Tavern Partners With Developer To Renovate Building

    Manuel’s Tavern Partners With Developer To Renovate Building

    All Things Considered Host, Amy Kiley, in a conversation with Maria Saporta >>Original Story  An Atlanta landmark is closing its doors for a short time in early 2016. Green Street Properties has agreed to buy the one-and-a-half acres on North Highland Avenue that Manuel’s Tavern sits on according to a report by the Atlanta Business […]

Presidents, governors, mayors have visited storied Manuel’s Tavern

By Maria Saporta and Amy Wenk
Published in the Atlanta Business Chronicle on February 27, 2015

A couple came into Manuel’s Tavern in early February wearing stickers showing they had just toured the Carter Presidential Library.

Former President Jimmy Carter had recommended they go to Manuel’s for lunch, they told Brian Maloof, the owner of the tavern.

Such stories never cease to amaze Maloof. A former leader of the United States is telling people to eat at the tavern that his late father, Manuel Maloof, made famous.