Maria’s Metro

Remembering the wisdom of Harry West – let’s fix what’s not working

During last week’s memorial service in honor of Harry West, my mind kept wandering back to another time when he was executive director of the Atlanta Regional Commission.

It was 1998, and the Atlanta business community – through its Metro Atlanta Transportation Initiative – was recommending a new state agency to help come up with ways to solve the region’s congestion and transportation problems.

West was that lone voice crying in the wilderness. Let’s not create yet another agency. Let’s fix the ones we have.
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Guest Columns

Atlanta University Center a pathway to increase diversity at technology firms

daraka satcher photo edit

By Guest Columnist DARAKA E. SATCHERpartner and chief operating officer of the Pendleton Group consulting firm

Most of us have seen the news by now. A number of major tech firms recently reported dismally low diversity numbers. Only 2 percent of those who work at Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn are African-American.

If one accepts the widely held premise that these companies are representatives of the economy of the future, then this is a harbinger of a much greater problem.
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Jamil’s Georgia

Martin Luther King Jr. leads a march through Albany, Ga., on Dec. 16, 1961. Credit: Rich Cohen, New York Times

Desegregating an entire community: Albany Movement takes flight (Conclusion)

For me, an important thread in the worldwide narrative of human and civil rights is the story of the Albany Movement, which I’ve discussed over the last few weeks. It is a story — or more properly, stories — involving a place whose ground we stand upon.

Almost 400 years ago, traders brought Africans to the first English colony in the New World, Virginia, where tobacco plantations and slavery grew hand in hand, and spread. Four of the young nation’s first five presidents were Virginians who owned slaves, even as they trumpeted liberty as a natural and universal human right.

More than 400 years of slavery transitioned to a post-Reconstruction segregation policy that continued to thwart and distort the lives of millions of American citizens who lived under these laws.
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Saba Long

Wanted: Leaders who make tough decisions on transportation funding

Legislators in Washington, D.C. approach funding transportation infrastructure the same way the Falcons approach a fourth quarter deficit – by ignoring it until the clock is about to run out.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and eleven of his predecessors penned a letter to Congress on Monday urging tmembers to reconsider their approach to dealing with the shortfall of the Highway Trust Fund.
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Charlie Ackerman’s Moment was atop an Asian mountain near a mysterious isolated village

By Chris Schroder

Real Estate Developer and Founder of Ackerman Security Systems, Charles Ackerman, had his Moment on a trip to a remote mountain range when he happened upon a third-world village.

While preparing to take a flight from London, Charlie came across a book on the Zanskar Range in India and became intrigued. In recorded history, only 100 people had been to the mysterious mountains. Upon asking others about the mountains, he found that it was even more elusive than he originally thought.

“We’ve asked people, ‘have you ever heard of Zanskar?’” Charlie said in our accompanying Moments video. “And they would say, ‘No, there isn’t such place.’ ”
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