Donald Trump


Donald Trump

It Could Happen Here

By Guest Columnist MARK PENDERGRAST, an Atlanta native and author of “For God, Country and Coca-Cola,” and other books

I am afraid of Donald Trump.

And I am appalled that a sizable number of the American voting public – at the moment over 40 percent, despite the latest revelations of his grotesque remarks about women 11 years ago – thinks he would be a good selection as the next president of the United States.

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With MARTA, ownership has its privileges and responsibilities

Quick question: When’s the last time you washed a rental car? If the answer is “never,” you’re hardly alone. The timeworn adage that most people take better care of physical assets that they own outright has been confirmed by scientific research and just plain common sense.

However, the innate human impulse to be a good custodian of one’s possessions is attenuated (or disappears) when it comes to public goods such as our transit infrastructure, including MARTA.

Hazel Raines and Eleanor Roosevelt

The story of a stunt pilot who became an unsung war hero

This week, ALLISON HUTTON, of Georgia Humanities, shares the story of Georgia aviatrix Hazel Raines and her contributions to World War II.

The Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame calls Hazel Raines the “First Lady of Flight.” This is an accurate description on many counts: Raines was the first woman in Georgia to earn a pilot’s license (in the late 1930s), one of the first group of women chosen by the British Air Transport Auxiliary as ferry pilots for the Royal Air Force in 1942, as well as one of the first WASPs (Women Airforce Service Pilots).

During the Korean War, Raines was the first female reserve pilot called into active duty.

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He missed the bus but eventually got to Atlanta

Coinciding with the particularly busy October schedule of the vast staff that creates the Stories of Atlanta, we, once again, will acquiesce to an imagined groundswell of viewer demand for an encore look at one of our favorite tales. I was following a thread on a message board recently in which the participants were discussing […]

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  • Commentary: Cartooning for peace integral to free speech

    Commentary: Cartooning for peace integral to free speech

    As part of France-Atlanta, an exhibition and program is being presented called “Cartooning for Peace: The of Art of Democracy.” Three world-renowned press cartoonists participated in the program – Jean “Plantu” Plantureux with Le Monde, France, Michel Kichka with Courrier International who is based in Israel, and our own Mike Luckovich with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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