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‘100 Metros Dashboard’ Makes it Easy to Compare Biggest Metro Areas on Key Regional Issues

By Paul Donsky

Data is most meaningful when placed in context.

It’s one thing, say, to know that the median home sale price in metro Atlanta is $233,000. It’s much more powerful when you learn that the figure is $525,000 in the Seattle region and $193,000 in Chattanooga.

But finding accurate data can be difficult and time-consuming. Where do you start? What sources are reputable?

Now, there’s an easy solution. The data experts at the Atlanta Regional Commission and Neighborhood Nexus have developed a user-friendly, interactive tool they call the 100 Metros Dashboard, which provides a wealth of data about the 100 largest metro areas in the U.S.

With a few clicks, you can take a deep dive into a range of issues: housing, education, health, employment, economic development, and commuting. There’s even a handy “comparison” tab that enables users to quickly gauge how two metros stack up on key metrics. Read on.


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