Despite repeated attempts by Commissioner Ted Terry to re-open the park, every request has been met with 60 day “deferrals” and no action on behalf of Dekalb.

Originally citing “hazardous materials” as the reason for closing the park, Emperor CEO Thurmond has since been close-mouthed about why he refuses to re-open it. The original deed that was written up for the park in 2003 declared that the land was to be used by the citizens of Dekalb “in perpetuity”.

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  1. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that every time a surveyor shows up to start laying out the new park (which was destroyed by the protests, including over $10K worth of damage to the RC club property, and then left booby-trapped with dangerous devices, human feces, and tunnels and holes in the ground all over the place), more RICO cases wander onto the property and have to be shown the door (or escorted to jail)? Maybe that’s it? I wonder.

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