Mayor Kasim Reed’s administration issues response to latest Maria’s Metro column

Note to readers: Here is a press release issued Wednesday by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s administration in response to a Maria’s Metro column that appeared this week. At SaportaReport, we strongly believe in being as fair as we can be, and we are publishing Reed’s response in its entirety. Naturally, there is tension between public officials and journalists. Obviously, my relationship with Mayor Reed is no exception. Despite what the mayor says, I do my best to provide accurate information in my stories and columns. When I do offer a point of view, it is based on facts, journalistic standards and my love for Atlanta. Also, please know that as a reporter, I have never endorsed any particular candidate. It was true in 2009, and it is true today. I will continue to call things as I see them. I’ve  been a reporter for 37 years, and I’ve developed a tough skin and will not be bullied or intimidated. Thanks for reading SaportaReport. Maria

$300 million mixed-use project planned near Mercedes-Benz Stadium

As published in the Atlanta Business Chronicle on June 9, 2017

The historic Friendship Baptist Church is seeking to rezone 17 acres of land diagonally across from Mercedes-Benz Stadium to redevelop the area into a $300 million mixed-income and mixed-use community.

Lloyd Hawk, CEO at Friendship Baptist LLC, the development arm of Friendship Baptist Church, said he will file a rezoning application with the City of Atlanta on June 9 to begin the process. The church also owns another 2 acres in the area that will not need to be rezoned.


Tuesday night update: This time, Bill was no Michelle Obama

The former president’s speech Tuesday night, capping off an evening marked by the nomination of his wife as the first woman presidential candidate of a major American political party, was long — long — on details about his wife’s accomplishments, but never seemed to reach the high notes the First Lady hit so effortlessly on the convention’s first night.