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Atlanta City Council District 3 Candidate Q&A

John Ahmann

By John Ahmann, Executive Director, Westside Future Fund

The Transform Westside Summit is the Westside Future Fund’s flagship community engagement meeting and has met bi-weekly (1st and 3rd Friday morning of each month) since October 2015. Our audience includes a diverse group of stakeholders, which is one aspect that makes these meetings unique.

This past Friday, the Summit brought together longtime Historic Westside neighborhood residents, community and faith leaders, community partners and other stakeholders to hear from Atlanta City Council District 3 candidates Byron Amos and Antonio Brown ahead of the April 16 run-off election.  

Thank you to Beulah Baptist Church of Atlanta Senior Pastor, Reverend Eric George Vickers who set the tone for the morning’s forum by offering a thoughtful devotional message about the critical role we all can play in building a thriving Westside. Rev. Vickers said: “If you build buildings but forget to build up people, everything you build with be in vain”.

I am grateful to the candidates for taking part in this non-partisan forum to discuss issues of specific importance to the residents of the Historic Westside neighborhoods. I am also grateful to Atlanta Business League President & CEO, Leona Barr-Davenport who served as moderator. Each candidate addressed the Summit attendees with opening and closing statements, and fielded questions from the audience.

You can watch Rev. Vickers’ devotional, and the lively debate and Q&A with the candidates on our Facebook livestream (starting at minute 56:00). Be sure to join us for the next Transform Westside Summit on Friday, April 19 when we will be hearing from Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture.


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  1. Ryan R. April 10, 2019 1:49 pm

    Perhaps you should cover how this election is being challenged in Superior Court right now due to Antonio Brown committing purjury on his qualifying affidavit, stating he didn’t have any tax leins – he did (which is one of the things that disqualify a person as a candidate).
    Also reports of him continuing to commit felonies by incentivizing people to go vote, preying on our elderly folks in senior housing.Report


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